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Scraptastic Club Blog — scrap spaces

My Scraproom

Home Kim Jeffress organization scrap spaces

Hi everyone, It's Kim and I am excited to be sharing my first post here on the Scraptastic blog today. I thought I would share a little peak into my studio where you can find me most days. For those who don't know I live in Brisbane Australia with my husband and two sons. We get plenty of beautiful sunny weather here so my scrap room which is located on the second floor of our home always has  lots of bright light inside. This first photo shows the room from the doorway looking in. You can see my table there with the...

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Scrapbook organization and scrappy rooms

Melanie Stanczyk organization scrap spaces

I thought while I'm waiting for my September kit to arrive and the fact my scrapbook room is 'under' construction. This is be a great time to talk about functional scrapbook rooms and organization. I visit pintrest on a regular daily basis, sometime hourly depending on my Saturday and Sunday schedule. I'm going to share some of the ideas I found, in return I would love to hear some of your idea's or direct me to you pintrest boards! I have been fortunate to visit an Ikea and start my collection of expedites. Since I have to truck them from...

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A Tour of My Happy Scrappy Place

Jana Eubank scrap spaces

 Hi Everyone! Jana Eubank here to share my Scrapbook Space with you today. My very first “scrap space” was a cardboard box. I would spread out on the floor and create a few happy things here-and-there. Next, I graduated to a few plastic crates under a folding table. Then, I cleared a few shelves in my kitchen pantry and would pull out what I needed onto my kitchen table to work. After that I painted an old TV armoire and filled it with plastic Sterilite drawers to hold as many supplies as possible. I added a desk with a few...

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DIY Embellishment Storage

organization scrap spaces Susan Stringfellow Washi Washi Tape

 Hi everyone! Susan Stringfellow here with some Embellishment storage ideas! :) One of the things that most paper crafters struggle with is how to store the embellishments. Of course if they are handy you are more likely to use them but that doesn't mean that you have to buy expensive storage solutions or that they cant be cute sometimes, right? I thought I would share a few of the DIY projects I have tried out. First lets talk about Washi Tape, it's cute, it's fun, it rolls and I have cats. I have seen several people who have wooden dowel...

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Scrappy Space Saturday

Carol Monson scrap spaces

 HI there...Carol here sharing with you my scrappy space! I have one end of our bonus room and Iove it, I love that it's where my kids play and work and hang.  My stuff used to be in our bedroom and I just found that whenever I sat at my desk the kids started hanging about.  Bringing in toys, talking to me, just watching me.  So when we fixed up the playroom and added lots of shelves and stuff I moved in!  It has been the best decision ever.  Now I can scrap whenever I want and the kids and...

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