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Scraptastic Club Blog — nathalie ounce

Happy birthday, dear members!

birthday cards cards jennie mcgarvey madeline fox monique liedtke nancy burke nathalie ounce shellye mcdaniel

Happy, happy birthday to you dear members!  We've had fun celebrating with our members that celebrate their birthdays in November.  In case you didn't have a chance to see the lovely cards our design team created, here's your chance! Monique Liedtke shared festive birthday greetings! Happy birthday from Shellye McDaniel! Bright and fun birthday wishes from Madeline Fox! Nancy Burke was happy to say happy birthday many times over! There's something really sweet about the birthday cards from Nathalie Ounce! And, of course, I had to get in on the fun.  I love wishing our members HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you...

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Happy Birthday Dear Members...

anna kossakovskaya cards heart it races leanne allinson madeline fox meghann andrew monique liedtke nancy burke nathalie ounce susan stringfellow

You know how it goes!  Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear members, happy birthday to you! The ones singing are our talented design team - like Monique Liedtke, for example! And Anna Kossakovskaya, too! Birthday wishes from Madeline Fox! Happy birthday from Susan Stringfellow! A festive birthday greeting from Nathalie Ounce, too! Meghann Andrew wanted to wish our members a very happy day, too! Celebratory wishes from Leanne Allinson! And very happy birthday from Nancy Burke!   We all hope your day was great -- and that you've enjoyed all of these cards from our...

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Happy birthday to YOU!

Anna Kossakovskaya cards jennie mcgarvey jocelyn olson kim jeffress leanne allinson madeline fox Meghann Andrew Monique Liedtke nancy burke nathalie ounce roree rumph the girl we will rock you

Hello, there!  One of the best parts of our forum is wishing our members HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We love all the friendship and inspiration that our members bring -- so wishing them happy birthday is our pleasure!  Let's see what our design team created! Meghann Andrew is festive and fun in her greetings! Nancy Burke created some really awesome and inventive birthday greetings! And a super fun happy birthday from Kim Jeffress! Could these birthday wishes from Roree Rumph get any better? ...and many more! from Anna Kossakovskaya Festive wishes from Jocelyn Olson! Happy, happy birthday to you from Nathalie Ounce!...

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Happy birthday!

Boys of Summer boys of summer add-on cards carol monson celebration add-on Celebration kit Celebration Stamp Set jennie mcgarvey jocelyn olson Leanne Allinson meghann andrew nathalie ounce roree rumph susan stringfellow

Hello there!  Are you ready for tons of CARD inspiration?  August has been a very busy month in our community and we have tons of cards to celebrate members birthdays!  Come check out what our design team created. Here are Carol Monson's cards: Roree Rumph wished members Happy Birthday, too! Susan Stringfellow got in on the fun, too! Happy Birthday from Nathalie Ounce! I'm so lucky to have had this birthday greeting just for ME! Beautiful birthday greetings from Leanne Allinson! A birthday wish from Jocelyn Olson! Happy birthday from Meghann Andrew! I couldn't not get in the fun --...

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Happy Birthday to YOU!

birthday cards daylight jennie mcgarvey jocelyn olson katie rose nathalie ounce roree rumph susan stringfellow the story I heard

Hello there and happy Friday!  I'm excited to share with you loads of card making inspiration with you, so lets get started! One of the fun things that our Design Team does is create birthday cards for the members of our forum with registered birthdays.  The cards are posted in the AROUND THE HOUSE section of our message board.  What a fun way to celebrate, virtually!  So, if you haven't already added your birthday to your profile, you might want to so you can get your own special greeting.   Let's see what festive greetings were shared in May! Design team member...

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