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Valentine's Day Holder Box by Pinky

Cristal "Pinky" Hobbs Deeply Truly Madly Deeply Washi Washi Tape

This is a Valentine Box Holder I created for my son's classroom. 

  1. Trim out 6X6 acrylic pieces. 6 of them. 
  2. Trim out 5 2X6" strips. 
  3. Bone fold 2" strips in half.
  4. Adhere to acrylic to assemble box. 
  5. Use Washi tape to ensure strength. 
  6. Assemble lid.
  7. Punch hole in lid and front panel. 
  8. Thread with Twine and embellish. 


Hope you enjoyed this last post from me. 

All the best- Pinky Hobbs

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  • Nathalie on

    I have to say that I have never seen anything like it! Super creative Pinky!

  • adele on

    This is really clever, Pinky! I can’t believe the acrylic sides are held together just with the paper and washi tape. Is this your final post here then? Best wishes for whatever is next for you, and thanks for lots of inspiration here!

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