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Scrappy Space Saturday with Lilith

Lilith Eeckels scrap spaces

 Hi there everyone.

Today I'll be giving a little tour of my scraproom. I have a room but it is also an office for my husband and it also holds all my work belongings too. I am a teacher and as I have no space at school to store my manuals, tests and activities, they all need a spot in the office area. I'll only be showing the scrap side. I am quite happy with how it is but we do plan to remodel the whole room in a few years. 


They are lots of frames lying on the top of the bookshelves waiting to be hung around the house and if you look closely you will be able to spot one of the many piles of layouts I urgently need to put into albums.


The thing I love the most is that is light and bright.

So this is the place where you'll find me when I have a spare moment. It is my space and I love it. It makes me happy. I hope you all have your little space where you can scrapbook even if it is really small. You don't need a big room to create memories!

Have a lovely Saturday and happy creating. 


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  • adele on

    Beautiful, Lilith! It must be a pleasure to sit down and work on a project.

  • Petra Offrell on

    Looks perfect for scrappy happy moments

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