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Project Life Pam

Blue Skies October 2012 Kits Pamella Brown Project Life

Good Morning! 

I have been wanting to try project life for awhile now. Who says you need to start at the beginning of the year? Since October 1st was on a Monday, I thought that would be a nice clean start to the album. I love that Jessica includes so many label stickers and fun little embellishments in the kit, so I pulled out my scraps from Blue Skies and got to work with my photos from October 1-7.

I used Blue Skies and the Blue Skies add-on, as well as the stamp kit. The stamp kit and the add-on are still available. The stamp kit is PERFECT for this sort of project!!

Here are some detail shots of the spread:

I love this that it is done. However, it took awhile. I don't see myself committing to completing one for every week. I know me and I know I will/can not keep up with it. I love the idea of having a week-in-the-life type view in my albums, so my goal is to do a spread like this once a month. After all, it is a good way to use up the leftover lovelies from a kit;)

What about you do any project like this? Would you?

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  • janetd on

    I do my Project Life albums starting with my birthday. So I don’t start in Jan. either. Love this spread. You have some really great details. Gorgeous!

  • Nathalie on

    First of all, I LOVE the look of your spread! So colorful and fun it totally makes me want to try PL~ which brings me to my second point: i LOVE your idea of doing it just once in a while and incorporating it into your regular albums! That is awesome and something I could totally do! Thanks Pam!

  • Stacey on

    AWESOME!!! I love the way your pages turned out :) And I don’t have a single PL album that starts on Jan. 1!!! I always forget to take pics on Jan 1…how insane is that for a memory preserver to admit :) I also like that you are thinking about doing this once a month…and I agree with Adele that it will make it more special! You could even do it as a “month in reveiw” type LO. Thanks for sharing your creation :)

  • adele on

    This is darling! I love the rounded corners. You’re right about doing it monthly. In fact if you did this much of a spread weekly, the resulting book would be overwhelming to even look through. I think one a month will make a real treasure!

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